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EGNSI is a results-driven IT company, providing a wide-range of services focused on delivering maximum value and security to your IT environment.


Sound familiar: rapidly changing technology, shrinking budgets and an ever-demanding business. EGNSI can help develop a strategic plan that allows you to stay up to date with technology in a way that satisfies the business AND makes sense for your budget. A deep dive holistic approach allows us to leverage your existing infrastructure and find efficiencies to keep your structure lean, mean, and able to grow.

Strategic Services

Subject matter experts spanning Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Cloud Services, Network, Telephony, Windows and Linux services

  • Linking Vision & Value – EGNSI works with your team to develop a Vision that ties directly to corporate strategy and goals, ensuring IT is delivering maximum value (both real and perceived).
  • Continuity Services – A continual top 5 concern of CIO’s, continuity of critical business services is a hallmark of the EGNSI team. From developing a Continuity Plan to implementing a continuity solution for key business system(s) or to meet regulatory requirements, we are the experts who take the concern out of continuity.
  • Aligning Technology with Business Strategy – Business strategy drives the requirements for technology capabilities. EGNSI experts work with your staff to build a strategic plan aligned with your strategic business goals. We ensure your IT priorities are your BUSINESS priorities.
  • Cost Controls – Getting more for less is a top priority for CIO’s. EGSNI’s experienced professionals evaluate opportunities to gain efficiencies and reduce costs while mitigating business risk.
  • Other Strategic Services:
    • Merger and Acquisitions
    • IT Infrastructure and Operations
    • IT Strategic Sourcing & Procurement
    • IT Governance, Process & Metrics
    • IT Enterprise Architecture



EGNSI - Your trusted partner.

EGNSI brings a wealth of knowledge, leadership expertise, and key vendor relationships to address your business needs. The complete package, EGNSI can manage your entire infrastructure and cybersecurity disciplines; from implementing a strategic plan (a program with multiple projects, system integration, technology upgrades, author and deploy IT policy and ITSM Processes, etc.) to managing individual projects to address specific business needs.

  • Virtual IT Department – EGNSI can manage your most critical IT Services, IT Programs and projects, manage budgets (G&A and Capital) and help you keep the lights on.
  • Project Management. We have a proven results-driven project management process. Successful delivery, on time and on budget is our focus. Exceeding your expectations project after project is our goal. We conduct our projects on a fixed-fee basis, thus no cost overruns. How do we do this? Confidence and experience. EGNSI delivers the value you expect of your strategic IT Partner.
  • IT Portfolio Management. EGNSI Portfolio Management Services maximize the value of IT investments while minimizing risk by ensuring alignment between IT and business leaders. We believe it’s critical to inventory projects, identify projects meeting strategic objectives/corporate goals, prioritize and then execute, execute, execute!
  • IT Governance and Processes. IT Service Management (ITSM) enables IT departments to function more like a business unit. As business grows, so do IT Services; this means more complex technology and higher business expectations of IT (uptime, availability, continuity, performance, security, disaster recovery just to name a few). EGNSI can build IT Processes enabling your IT department to deliver predictable results, reduce unscheduled service outages and deliver on the expectations of your customers.





EGNSI delivers world-class architecture and engineering services helping business’s tackle 21st Century challenges. With discipline and passion our goal is to provide tangible business value in complex IT environments… Think of us as your IT-Ninjas.

Enterprise Architecture Services

EGNSI Enterprise Architecture Services work with our customers to continually align business processes and strategies with the right technology solutions. The Enterprise Architecture (EA) group leverages technology to replace existing computing platforms (where/when applicable) and consolidates current infrastructure within common data centers.

Enterprise Architecture services consist of the following:

  • Strategy
  • Planning and Design
  • Build and Implementation
  • Operations

Enterprise Architecture Services deliver the following:

  • Reduce technology costs and implementation time by facilitating enterprise standards, design patterns and process approach across the project lifetime.
  • Provides IT transparency for business stakeholders regarding technology resiliency, cost, and industry trends.
  • Facilitates pragmatic, cost effective approaches to IT projects.
  • Forms the bridge between business and IT strategies ensuring repeatable outcomes for project execution.
  • Shifts IT spending from one-time projects to strategic initiatives aligned with business goals driven by business leaders.
  • Flags redundant, non-strategic and high risk projects before they expend large amounts of funding.
  • Ensures IT spending is aligned with sustainable business strategy and corporate goals.
  • Provides the enterprise-wide IT transparency, allowing business leaders to understand and make more informed decisions.

Enterprise Engineering Services

  • Enterprise Applications: SAP, Instant Messaging, Collaboration, Active Directory, Email, Remote Application Delivery, Virtual Desktop, Secure Remote Access, Single sign-on
  • Servers: Hardware, Virtual appliances, Virtual machines (Microsoft and Linux)
  • Cybersecurity: Intrusion Detection, Perimeter Firewalls, Vulnerability Scanning, Patch Management, Log Management/Correlation, Anti-virus, Disk Encryption
  • Telephony: Cisco IP Telephony Solutions
  • Networking:
  • Physical Layer: Cabling Infrastructure (CAT 6, Fiber, IT Closet)


We keep the lights on, systems up, and your users happy enabling you to focus on smashing your competition. We do all this on a fixed-fee basis, making your IT Operations investment predictable, responsive and worry-free.

Introducing your round-the-clock Run & Maintain IT Services:

  • Enterprise Monitoring and Alerting: Cybersecurity, Network, Servers and Applications
  • System Health Checks (ensuring stability and resiliency)
  • Desktop Security and Management
  • Desktop A/V, anti-spam, anti-malware
  • End User Education - protecting the weakest link, your users
  • Help Desk: Desktop Support, Remote Break Fix…
  • IT Process
  • Manage Changes to your Production Environment (Change Control)
  • IT Policies, Processes and Procedures



Every day the cyber threat landscape continues to grow and now not only do you have to worry about company issued computer assets, but any device connected to your network (this includes employee's personal devices, contractor's devices, and visitor's devices). Building the best defense possible combined with constant vigilance is required to minimize your IT systems vulnerabilities. Corporations must look at every possible scenario to keep malicious code from gaining access to intellectual property and computer IT systems.

Cybersecurity Service Offerings include:

  • Security Health Checks (Risk, Gap Analysis and Remediation Plan)
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention
  • Perimeter Firewall Management
  • Vulnerability Scanning, Patch Management
  • Disk Encryption, 2-factor authentication
  • Enterprise Monitoring and Alerting
  • Log Management/Correlation
  • Firewalls, Network, Servers and Applications
  • Desktop Security and Management
  • Anti-virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Phishing
  • User Education and Culture
  • Develop a Security Orientated workforce – protect a weak link (your users)
  • Security Awareness Campaigns
  • End-user training program
  • Incident Management
  • Breach containment and remediation
  • Preventive actions

Benefits include:

  • Protect your business
  • Protect your network and intellectual property
  • Enhance compliance with security controls
  • Minimize down time & prevent loss of revenue
  • Prevent reputational harm
  • Improve efficiency and reliability


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